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DRAGONFLIES.......... (0)

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Well, I am still learning about Dragonflies & their habitat patterns.. The life of a Dragonfly always fascinates me.. I think we have not yet taken the advantages of conserving these species. Because what I had learn is that Dragonflies are very good predators of the mosquito's.
These pictures were taken in urban, wild & wetland localities...

Sri Lanka’s Dragonfly fauna

Sri Lanka has 117 species of dragonflies and damselflies

of which an astonishing 53 are endemic. The high

occurrence of endemics makes them an important

group in the study of Sri Lankan biodiversity. This guide

provides photos of 91 species of which 34 are endemic.

This collection of photos is a major step forward in

understanding dragonflies, their habitat and brings

awareness to the fragile conditions necessary for their


Little is known of this faunal group in Sri Lanka including

basic data on life cycles and larvae. Some very interesting

species found in recent years still await description and

it is quite likely that many additional ones are yet to be

recorded and described. The excitement of describing

a new species is only dampened by the realization that

the island may have lost species before science could

catch up with them.

Courtesy by " A Photographic Guide to the
Dragonflies of Sri Lanka By
Matjaž Bedjanič,
Karen Conniff,
Gehan de Silva Wijerathne."

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