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When I started this Blog I thought I should write about Yala National Park first. But for various reasons I chose some other topics & discussed. It was my good friend Sharmini wickramasinghe who suggested me to come up with the Yala article & some of my pictures. So this is a feedback to her dear request & encouragement. I hope you will pardon me for any shortcomings in this article.

"Yala" we affectionately calls her, was the most accessible wild life sanctuary during the 25 year old separatist war in Sri Lanka & it was a refuge to many of Sri Lankan dry zone fauna & flora . My first trip to Yala was in 1996 & I still remember it as a memorable one. Yala was the best wild life park to visit in Sri Lanka for a long time. But today animals of the park are severely disturbed due to big no of visitors & no of vehicles..

Yala's specialty was the "Sri Lankan leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya)"... It was the most Majestic creature I saw in Sri Lanka jungles... But it was a luck that you have to see one & it was more luck if you had a chance of photographing it....A recent study has shown that Yala National Park has one of the highest recorded densities of leopards in the world, although this animal is still considered to be endangered.

The Yala elephants were very gentle giants & the rare "tuskers" were the most unforgettable ones. It was a such a treat to watch baby elephants playing while the rest of the heard was busy feeding themselves. The water Buffalo, wild boar, spotted deer were seen very often at Yala ,but they were too unforgettable.

The bird life was plentiful & it was one of the best places to watch the water birds. Yala was the only place that you can observe the giant Black Necked Strokes in Sri Lanka. the Eagles were very frequent sight at Yala & you were lucky sometimes if you can watch them perching on a tree.

Black Necked Stroke- Photo credit www.wikipedia(en)

It was a great feeling once you get in to Yala... We normally called it as 'jungle fever" & most of us welcomed it. It was so privileged if one could stay inside a wildlife bungalow, But it was more adventure if you can occupy camping site in side Yala sanctuary. Yala I feel is still the best wild life park in Sri Lanka. It's our responsibility to protect this Majestic National Park for our future generation....


wild animals in the stars

wild animals in the clouds

what will we see in them

when the wild ones are gone

(Poet Unknown)

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Ashish on June 29, 2010 at 8:04 AM

Beautiful Tony..The pictures are great and expressing the beauty of Yala..You must come to South India as well sometime to see the Indian Leopards.

You can see more about South India and its sightings at my website:


I am manager in a wildlife resort and you will not regret coming to this place !!

Regards & best wishes for your work !!

Ashish Araham Tirkey
BRT wildlife sanctuary


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