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Indian Chameleon ( Chamaeleo zeylanicus ) (2)

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I photographed this beautiful, interesting & rare species at Eluwankulama, Puttlam. I was able to get this pictures with the great help from my very good friend Mendis Wickramasinghe. A lizard unbelievably strange compared to most of the other lizard species in Sri Lanka & very lethal in its attacks really fascinated me.Here are some details of this species.

"The Indian Chameleon, Chamaeleo zeylanicus is a species of chameleon found in Sri Lanka, India and other parts of South Asia. Like other chameleons, this species has a long tongue, feet that are shaped into bifid claspers, a prehensile tail, independent eye movement and the ability to change skin colour. They move slowly with a bobbing or swaying movement and are usually arboreal. Strangely, they do not choose the background colour and may not even be able to perceive colour differences. They are usually in shades of green or brown or with bands. They can change colour rapidly and the primary purpose of colour change is for communication with other chameleons and for controlling body temperature by changing to dark colours to absorb heat."

( courtesy by Wikipedia,)

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