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The Bird photography of me............... (2)

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The Common Kingfisher ( Alcedo atthis)

Bird photography is a very time consuming & challenging process to me. Here are some pictures I was able to capture during 2011. During the year 2011, I was able to travel to muthurajawela & Anawilundawa to photograph & observe the birds... These are some photos I was able to capture during those visits. I was fortunate to have the company of the nature & bird lovers Chaminda Jayarathne, Priyal Mahendra, Delron Rodrigo & Farash during these outings. I never had long journeys during this year, so i was not able to make a very good collection of photos.

Bird life of Sri Lanka

The bird life of Sri Lanka is very rich for its size, and about 433 species have been recorded. In addition to the many resident birds, a considerable number of migratory species winter in the country to escape their northern breeding grounds.

233 species are resident, of which the most important are the 26 endemics, with 7 more proposed.[1] The other resident species are also found in the adjacent Indian mainland, but over 80 have developed distinct Sri Lankan races. Some of these races are very different in their plumage characteristics from the related forms in India.

Bird distribution in Sri Lanka is largely determined by its climatic zones. The dry zone is largest of the three, covering more than half of the area of the island, with a prolonged dry and hot period and only one monsoon (the northeast monsoon from October to January).

The wet zone, with two monsoons, is in the southwestern quarter of the island, where the few remaining rain forests are found and humidity is high.

The central hill zone rises to over 2450 m (8-10,000 ft) and has a cool temperate climate. Most of the 26 endemic species are confined to the wet and the hill zones, with only a few extending into the dry zone as well.

Recent updates and sighting information can be obtained through the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka web site.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea)

The Cotton Pygmy Goose or the Cotton Teal ( Nettapus coromandelianus)

The Asian Openbill or Asian Openbill Stork ( Anastomus oscitans)

The darter or snakebird (Anhinga melanogaster)

Waiting for the catch.......

The Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis)

Flight.... Whiskered Tern (Chlidonias hybridus)

Black-winged Stilts or Common Stilts (Himantopus himantopus)

A bi
rd came down the walk
Emily Dickinson

A bird came down the walk:
He did not know I saw;
He bit an angle-worm in halves
And ate the fellow, raw.

And then he drank a dew
From a convenient grass,
And then hopped sidewise to the wall
To let a beetle pass.

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Again I post some photos , hope this will increase your appreciation towards nature...

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Green among the Orange.........

Its been long time & I feel that I need to post something into my Blog. So I thought I would post some photographs to justify the delay. Was able to visit some great places locally & abroad during this period. Had good photography opportunities, but didn't had a good collection like the previous occasions. So please excuse for not posting photographs & writing about a exact location in this short write up.

Clown in Color posing at Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

Leaf pattern, Rivers turn, Knuckles, Matale.


Cotton Pygmy Goose at Anawilundawa....

Tern flying at Udappuwa, Chilaw...

Schooling in nature....

Fisherman at Kalpitiya....

As the camera slides into my hand,
feeling, warmth and remembrance of it.
sometime i find myself wandering the land,
and i tend to get every little bit.

- Patricia Wiley

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